If you can’t stand the earthy or greeny taste of hemp products but still want to consume them, this article was created for you. By now, virtually everyone knows something about the potential benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids found in hemp. So, you’ve decided that you want to try a CBD product, but you can’t stand the taste, here are a few hacks for you.

a. Buy a Product With Flavor
There are so many CBD products on the market with varying flavors. Companies are aware of the aversion that some people have for the taste of hemp and are coming up with creative ways to mask it. You will find products like CBD capsules, chocolate, and candies on the market today.

b. Drink Water
Have a glass of water nearby so that you can drink to help wash away the taste as soon as you are through with ingesting the oil. Some people say that water takes a while to clear up the taste, so they opt for coffee or lemon juice.

c. Take a Mint
One way to overcome this problem is to take a breath mint. Apart from the sweetness, the minty flavor dominates your taste buds and takes away any lingering taste of CBD.

You can mix CBD tincture with your favorite food if you can’t stand the taste. However, the absorption rate will be slightly slower. You can choose to mix CBD with a smoothie, coffee, yogurt, or even ice creams.

About SunJoined
SunJoined was founded by entrepreneur Lamar Wilson. In light of the immense potential of the budding hemp industry and the disadvantage small scale farmers face in the competition with mass producers, Wilson decided to create a network that will boost the competitive advantage of small players in the industry.

This organization is a network of different players in the hemp industry. This includes farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors. SunJoined was founded in 2019, and in just three months, the organization had managed to attract over 700 members. SunJoined has also raised over half a million dollars on WeFunder.

SunJoined has an array of products on the market under different brands. Visit the SunJoined website of the company’s Facebook group page to learn more.